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Fighting the Invisible Enemy

Fighting the Invisible Enemy

Understanding the Effects of Conditioning

Dr. Webster-Doyle's Benjamin Franklin Gold Medal Award winner Fighting the Invisible Enemy – Understanding the Effects of Conditioning was published in Russian by Detskaya Maya, the leading Russian teacher’s magazine and serialized to all the teachers throughout the country in 1988.

This book helps young people see how preconditioned thinking and actions - behavior influenced by war toys, violent television, gender stereotypes, racial prejudice, peer pressure and more - can lead to division and violence. This book explores:

  • What conditioning is and how it can make you act like a Robot
  • What made a boy think he could fly like Superman
  • How war is created by the way we think
  • Creative, nonviolent alternatives to fighting

This book is also for adults concerned about the psychological welfare of young people.

  • An understanding of what the destructive influences of conditioned thinking are
  • An insight into how to successfully cope with the pressures of conditioned thinking
  • A comprehensive curriculum for teaching young people about conditioning

This book encourages teaching young people what conditioning is so they can:

  • Comprehend its importance in their lives
  • Be aware of its effect on their behavior
  • Realize how it creates global conflict

This book will help you understand how conditioned thinking prevents peace!


Recipient of the GOLD Benjamin Franklin Award

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