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MAP S.T.A.R.S. Special Youth-at-Risk Program

MAP S.T.A.R.S. Special Youth-at-Risk Program

A Special Youth-At-Risk Curriculum To Help Young People Understand and Cope With Bullying

There is a critical need for youth living in residential care to learn how to solve conflict peacefully. These young people are surrounded by conflict in their home, school, peer group and surrounding communities. Due to disadvantaged life circumstances, youth living in residential care are at an increased risk of becoming either the bully or the victim.

Although conflict education is a needed resource for this population, the MAP STARS program was launched during a time when both the media and police reported an increase in youth becoming involved in, and victimized, by swarmings in their communities. The main goal of the project was to educate and prevent crime related incidents including, assaults, uttering threats, property damage, substance use/abuse, as well as decrease the number of calls placed to the Halifax Regional Police (HRP). In 2003, the Reigh Allen Centre placed 257 calls to the HRP for many of the above-mentioned crime related incidents.

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