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Brave New Child

Brave New Child

Liberating the Children of Liberia and the World

Out of one of the most violent civil wars in recent history comes the inspiring and courageous story about twenty children of war and their dedicated teacher at their peace school in Buchanan, Liberia. These children were raised in war; they know nothing else. Their teacher, Marvin Davis, having had to flee Liberia because his life was in danger came back to teach the children of this war torn country about what caused the war they just had gone through.

Searching the Internet for peace educating organizations that would help him he found the Atrium Society USA. Out of this search he began a friendship with the distinguished child peace educators Terrence and Jean Webster-Doyle. Working together as a team the three of them helped establish the Common Ground Society Peace School of Liberia. They then decided that Marvin should teach the children the Atrium curricula Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Us - Understanding the Roots of Prejudice to see if this program could have any effect on the conditioned views of these children who knew nothing but war.

When you read these 20 Lessons Marvin Davis has sent back to the Webster-Doyles in the form of letters you will see what can happen if young people are taught to understand conditioned, prejudicial thinking that has time and time again lead us into war. These Lessons demonstrate that no matter how conditioned one is to violent behavior, and these children of Liberia are perhaps the most severe cases one can imagine, that they can be liberated from that habitual mindset. And if they can, so can all children who face conflict daily - from bullying on the playground to bullying on the battlefield.

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