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Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Us? Workbook

Why Is Everybody Always Picking On Us? Workbook

To Help Understand the Roots of Prejudice

Companion workbook for children for the accompanying book and curricula sharing the same title, Why Is Everybody Always Picking on Us?.

  • Lesson 1: What Is Prejudice?
  • Lesson 2: What I’m Taught to Believe!
  • Lesson 3: I Have a Mechanical Brain!
  • Lesson 4: When We’re Asleep, We Can’t See
  • Lesson 5: The Bells and Knots of Conditioning
  • Lesson 6: Elements of Knot-Like Thinking
  • Lesson 7: Concepts that Numb the Brain
  • Lesson 8: More Brain-Numbing Concepts
  • Lesson 9: The Problem with Perfection
  • Lesson 10: The Anatomy of Prejudice!
  • Lesson 11: Getting Free of Prejudice
  • Lesson 12: Prejudice Is a Decision
  • Lesson 13: Thinking in New Ways

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