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Why Are We Always Picking On Each Other?

Why Are We Always Picking On Each Other?

A Special Curriculum To Help Young People Understand Global Conflict

On permanent display at the International Museum of Peace and Solidarity in Samarkind, Uzbekistan, the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Section 1: Our Drive to Survive

  • Lesson 1: The Beginner’s Eye
  • Lesson 2: Discovering the Wise Master
  • Lesson 3: Our Old Brain: It Fights for Survival
  • Lesson 4: I Am What I Think

Section 2: The Way We Get into Conflict

  • Lesson 5: Survival Begins in My Mind
  • Lesson 6: Do I Fight or Do I Run?
  • Lesson 7: I’ll Join a Group!
  • Lesson 8: My Group Knows Best!

Section 3: How Enemies Are Created

  • Lesson 9: The Enemy: Someone Who’s Different
  • Lesson 10: The Hero: Someone We Want to Be
  • Lesson 11: The Bully: A Person with Problems
  • Lesson 12: Fear: The Only Enemy We Have

Section 4: Fear Is the Only Enemy We Have

  • Lesson 13: Creating Similarities Instead of Differences
  • Lesson 14: The Real Source of Power
  • Lesson 15: Does Your Brain Know Who You Are?
  • Lesson 16: The Military Is a Way of Life

Section 5: Respect is the Act That Conquers Fear

  • Lesson 17: Can Peace Be a Way of Life?
  • Lesson 18: The Challenge: Going Beyond Conflict
  • Lesson 19: Our New Brain Wants a Peaceful World
  • Lesson 20: Peace Can Happen in an Instant!

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